Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tomato salad

Got some unreasonably expensive mini heirloom tomatoes from Trader Joe's last weekend. To my surprise, they didn't taste nearly as good as normal cherry tomatoes, but the texture was beautiful. I decided to let them rest in a paper bag in my fridge for the next few days and give the benefit of the doubt with a tomato salad after they ripened a bit.

Not sure if I've done tomato salad on Table Vibrations before, but the dressing is a mix of sherry vinegar or sweet balsamic, olive oil, mustard, and black pepper. Tossed with halved cherry tomatoes, minced parsley (or basil), and some celery slivers for texture. Add coarse salt at the end, as it's best when the salt coats the dressed ingredients.

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  1. I've gotten those mini tomatoes, too! Good times, I like this idea.