Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Table Vibrations: The Beginnings

Seems like everyone has a food blog these days. I'm finding that there are more and more resources online for foodies who want to recreate the magic in their own kitchens. From epicurious to allrecipes to one of my favorites, the Good Eats Fan Page.

Here is my twist on the food blog. Most people make blogs about their culinary masterpieces, their weekend forays where they break out the Cutco, print out the Bittman recipe and fumble around in the kitchen until something good comes out.

Mine is more of a never-ending story. The highs, the lows, but mostly about how I feed myself by any means necessary. You won't get a picture of all of my meals, just the more interesting ones. The things I try to do in the kitchen will come close to recreating recipes, but usually don't follow them exactly. My family likes to call this vibration cooking.

I encourage you all to experiment like me. And if I'm not experimenting enough, send me some ideas. Don't ask me for recipes, cause I probably won't remember how I did what I did.

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